DM5 Blink

Match It to Yourself

Dream Machines software allows you to not only change the color of the backlight, but also provides you with hundreds of configurations of such parameters as DPI, Polling Rate, and macro settings. All this is available-thanks to a few clicks!



Adjust it to yourself

DM1 FPS also has dedicated software that allows you to do even more. Thanks to it, you can configure your mouse freely. Change your polling rate, adjust DPI or change the way of highlighting. This and much more is available with the DM1 FPS mouse software!



Unlock new opportunities

The DM1 Pro S software opens up a full range of modifications. From now on you can change your DPI to the way you like it. Is polling rate too high by default? It's easy, change it with two clicks. Do you have your favorite color that is not on the mouse or is assigned to another DPI? No problem! The new software, a completely new experience.



Choose The Perfect Settings

Thanks to the unique DM2 software Comfy S can be delivered to your favorite settings. Change DPI, adjust polling rate or select the dream backlight color. All this is possible in a few seconds. Choose, save, play. It's so simple!


DM3 mini

DM3 mini features
Possible button combinations to hold during plugging into USB port:

Hold LMB+RMB for polling rate switching 500/1000Hz (default polling rate - 1000hz)
Hold DPI+LMB for DPI step change: 500/600/1000/1200/1400/1800 or 400/800/1600/2400/4800/120000 (default dpi-400/800/1600/2400/4800/120000)
Hold DPI+RMB for left / right-hand mode (Left mouse button switches with right mouse button) - (default right-handed mode)
Hold scroll+LMB for LOD (lift of distance) changes to 1.8 mm (default setting)
Hold scroll+RMB for LOD (lift of distance) set to 2.4 mm

Possible button combinations to hold while using:
DPI button+scroll for rotating through 6 different Logo LED colors

1st option LED off
2nd option RED LED
3rd option BLUE LED
4th option GREEN LED
5th option PINK LED