Tweaktown Awards the DM1 Pro S with "Best Value"

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Tweaktown Awards the DM1 Pro S with "Best Value"

Tweak Town stacked up our mouse against the competition, and we came out on top in the value department. If you looking for excellent price to performance in an optical gaming mouse, look no further than Dream Machines. Here's what Tweak Town had to say about our flagship gaming mouse, the DM1 Pro S. 


Tweak Town DM1 Pro S Review and Award


"While this may only be the third attempt at making a gaming mouse for Dream Machines, they seem to have hit the nail right on the head with the DM1 Pro S. Its feel is great, no matter your hand size, but it is built for right-hand users only. Each click of the mouse requires a fair amount of pressure, so just the resting hand will not input anything that is not desired, the segmented scroll wheel is easy to use, and the DPI selector just behind it is within easy reach and is easy to change on-the-fly if needed.   The weight of the DM1 Pro S, or lack thereof, may be odd for some users to get accustomed to, but we found it to be a pleasure, specifically at the lower DPI range where larger movements across the desk are needed. There is no fatigue from this design, no matter your grip style or length of time using it, it is just smooth, comfortable, and with the rubberized matte finish on this model, even if it is hot and sweaty, keeping control of the DM1 Pro S is of little concern." - Tweak Town

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