DM1 Pro S Shipping Update

DM1 Pro S Shipping Update

UPDATE: September 28th 2016

Been waiting for the DM1 Pro S, we've got them! The DM1 Pro S is back in stock for pre-order today. Click here to order. The units are on their way to the United States and will be shipped when they arrive next week. 

Expected ship date of this batch is expected to ship October 1st. 

Thanks again for you wonderful customers out there, we are grateful to have such a great and growing following of believers in our products. Thank you!


UPDATE: August 17th 2016

All pre-order shipments have been fulfilled. We expect a shortage in DM1 Pro S over the next month, so if you are on the fence for purchasing, please get your order in ASAP. Orders will be fulfilled here on out in a first come first serve basis. 

Once again, you guys are fantastic customers and have helped to launch Dream Machines into a more notable player in the gaming hardware space. We cannot thank you enough for your support and loyalty!

Stay tuned for more DM1 Pro S reviews coming!


UPDATE: August 8th 2016

The next shipment of DM1 Pro S is shipping tomorrow, August 9th, to the United States and will hopefully arrive by the end of this week. The team is the US is prepared to do a quick turnaround to get your orders out very quickly. Thanks again for all the orders, you guys are killing it!


INITIAL RELEASE: July 28, 2016

The much anticipated DM1 Pro S with the 3360 sensor is in en route to the United States! Those who were lucky enough to pre-order will have first dibs on the sought after Dream Machines DM1 Pro S gaming mouse. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • As of 7/28/2016, the first batch of DM1 Pro S is en route to the United States for pre-order fulfillment. 
  • Shipping should begin August 3rd from the US distribution center.
  • This initial shipment is limited in quantity and will be shipped out to those who ordered first! Not all pre-orders will be able to be fulfilled in the first shipment, you guys ordered a lot of them!
  • Another shipment of DM1 Pro S should be arriving at the end of the week of August 8th, which then, the remaining pre-orders will take priority. We are targeting August 13th for these. 
  • Shipments will continue out on a first come - first serve basis, so get your orders in quickly to be included in the next shipment!

The DM1 Pro S has been wildly successful, thanks to all of you! We are available for questions, just send an email on the contact us page. Thanks to all of our awesome customers out there. We are very thankful to have you on the Dream Machines team!